Mondiale Asset Management Selects MiraLink Disaster Recovery Solution to Achieve Global business Continuity Real-Time

Highly Flexible Solution Provides Continuous Protection of Critical Data Cost Effectively

PORTLAND, Ore. (February 27, 2006)

MiraLink Corporation, the proven expert in remote disaster recovery solutions, today announced that Mondiale Asset Management Ltd, based in Vancouver, Canada, has selected MiraLink's Data Mirroring appliance to protect business critical assets to achieve global business continuity real-time. Mondiale Asset Management, a short-term trader in global securities and derivatives markets, requires 24x7 protection and continuous uptime for its computer-driven methodology. Miralink's solution was selected over other solutions based on deployment, real-time capabilities, and total cost of ownership.

Mondiale Asset Management oversees an integrated portfolio management platform, including a real-time quantitative strategy engine, automated electronic execution software, and an accounting database that is backed by a comprehensive set of crisis prevention strategies. Leveraging the firm's automated proprietary software, Mondiale's systems monitor global markets around the clock and perform transactions to take advantage of trading opportunities for its investors. As a result, Mondiale needed a solution that worked simultaneously with their software instantaneously.

"Many disaster recovery solutions provide some measure of uptime, but not real-time," said Allan Kelley, Principal, Mondiale Asset Management. "We selected MiraLink since it's the only solution that allows us to proactively protect our data real-time, ensuring continuous availability and protection of our intellectual property and trading records. MiraLink's data mirroring appliances give us and our investors a peace of mind knowing that we will always be prepared in event of a disaster."

MiraLink's disaster recovery solutions solve the issues businesses have faced in the past when implementing a remote data protection solution. Businesses no longer have to make trade-offs among distance, data consistency, price or cost to operate. MiraLink's remote data mirroring solutions provide essential tools for businesses to deploy preventive and proactive business continuity measures. MiraLink's products work transparently, allowing continuous coverage over any network connection to secure your data anywhere in the world.

MiraLink Data Mirroring appliances enable businesses to make an exact copy of their vital data anywhere in the world through the company's patented Data Mirroring Engine™. As a result, businesses easily increase data integrity, reliability, availability, and protection of business critical data ensuring business continuity and adhering to compliance standards. In the event of a disaster, most solutions are currently not based on immediate, real-time data migration to another site, which is key to true protection and recovery.

"We are committed to providing enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity," said Ron McCabe, CEO of MiraLink. "MiraLink's remote data mirroring solution provides Mondiale with a cost effective and viable disaster recovery plan to ensure their valuable data is protected. Since MiraLink appliances communicate synchronously, mirrored data is stored in the remote location the same way it is stored at the primary location, thus allowing for a speedy and reliable recovery."

About MiraLink Corporation

MiraLink Corporation is the proven expert in delivering remote disaster recovery solutions. MiraLink's enterprise-class suite of appliances are built upon the company's Data Mirroring Engine™ allowing organizations to instantaneously make an exact copy of their essential data anywhere in the world. As a result, businesses easily increase data integrity, reliability, availability and protection of business-critical data cost-effectively—ensuring business continuity and adhering to compliance standards. MiraLink's solutions are available directly and from OEMs, authorized service partners and solutions providers globally. More information on the company can be found at www.miralink.com.