Miralink Speeds UP Disaster Recovery FOR SMBs with Fibre Channel appliance

NewMiraSync Feature Enables Remote Mirroring Ensuring Continuous Data Protection

PORTLAND, Ore. (November 19, 2007)

MiraLink Corporation, the proven expert in remote disaster recovery solutions, today announced the MiraLink 500f, the industry’s first real-time disaster recovery appliance with Fibre Channel. An enterprise class disaster recovery appliance, the MiraLink 500f is designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to protect business-critical data at Gigabit speed. The new 500f is platform agnostic and works seamlessly with Fibre Channel SANs, providing businesses with increased flexibility, reliability and immediate recoverability. The company’s new MiraSync feature allows faster synchronization and deployment between two devices eliminating the headache and problems commonly associated with deploying, recovering and managing remote replication.

"SMBs need to protect their business critical data in the same capacity as large enterprises in event of a disaster," said Ron McCabe, CEO of MiraLink. "With its ease of deployment and manageability, the MiraLink 500f is ideal for SMBs needing a reliable and scalable solution for protecting their intellectual property affordably."

"We are committed to providing enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity," said Ron McCabe, CEO of MiraLink. "MiraLink's remote data mirroring solution provides Mondiale with a cost effective and viable disaster recovery plan to ensure their valuable data is protected. Since MiraLink appliances communicate synchronously, mirrored data is stored in the remote location the same way it is stored at the primary location, thus allowing for a speedy and reliable recovery."

Real-Time Data Protection for SMBs

Protecting business critical data is essential for the SMB market, especially since they rely on access and storage of key information to maintain business continuity. A natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or fire or even human error can be potentially crippling for businesses, resulting in loss of intellectual property and revenue. Unfortunately, enterprise class solutions are too complex and expensive for SMBs making it a challenge for businesses to be proactive. SMBs need enterprise-level data protection that is cost-effective, simple to deploy and easy to maintain.

"The need for speed as well as simplicity is a growing need for SMBs today," said Heidi Biggar, analyst, ESG. " In introducing the 500f, MiraLink makes efficient, cost-effective, and simple business continuity a reality for this class of user"

The MiraLink 500f allows SMBs to reliably mirror business critical data anywhere in the world. As a result, SMBs are ensured business continuity. MiraLink’s patented Intellibuffer provides a reliable transmission of business critical data which allows a rapid recovery while minimizing downtime. Offering 500 GB of usable storage, the MiraLink 500f supports all major server and network operating systems and does not require enterprises to change backup, clustering or security practices.

The MiraLink 500f features MiraSync, an efficient means to perform faster synchronization and deployment between two devices. By leveraging MiraSync, businesses eliminate the headache and problems commonly associated with deploying, recovering and managing remote replication. The new 500f leverages this feature allowing rapid synchronization between any internal or external connected device. MiraSync also allows businesses to transparently make copies of your local and remote data adding an additional layer of redundancy.

Features and Benefits

MiraLink 500f offers SMBs increased performance, flexibility and reliability. The new appliances run off of a solid state disk which speeds up booting time, reduces power needs and increases reliability. Other features and benefits include:

  • 1U form factor
  • Easy user interface
  • Remote data mirroring appliance designed to provide low-cost data protection for small and medium businesses
  • Communicates via TCP/IP, allowing a disaster recovery site to be located anywhere in the world
  • Updates can be made via USB
  • No virtualization agents or software required on servers
  • Unlike replication solutions, MiraLink processes do not modify your data
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Easy configuration and implementation
  • Low TCO - get it, set it, forget it

Pricing and Availability

MiraLink 500f is available immediately from MiraLink and authorized resellers. Pricing starts at US$12,499.00 for a pair.

MiraLink's Business Continuity Solution

MiraLink’s cost-competitive solution delivers remote data recovery in a turnkey, appliance based solution, with no additional hardware or software required. Two MiraLink appliances are utilized with each venue: one on-site and the other in a remote location. No technical training is required to install MiraLink systems, and no special training is required to restore data in the event of network or system failure. MiraLink’s patented Intellibuffer data mirroring software is the heart of the MiraLink system. Without using software agents or data optimization, Intellibuffer intelligently preserves the write-sequence after asynchronously transferring data to the remote data mirroring appliance in real time. Intellibuffer holds the mirrored data blocks in the exact sequence they were written until sufficient bandwidth becomes available for transfer to the remote location. Unlike most remote backup systems, Intellibuffer performs a two-phase commit between the remote and local appliance to verify that the data write is correct.

About MiraLink Corporation

MiraLink Corporation is the proven expert in delivering remote disaster recovery solutions. MiraLink’s enterprise-class suite of appliances seamlessly works with any commercially available software or hardware storage solutions. The company’s appliances are built upon the company’s patented and patent pending Intellibuffer technology allowing organizations to make an exact, real-time copy of their essential data anywhere in the world. MiraLink’s unique MiraSync feature simplifies the process of mirroring two storage devices and increases ease of deployment, recovery and management. As a result, businesses easily increase data integrity, reliability, availability and protection of business critical data cost-effectively—ensuring business continuity and adhering to compliance standards. MiraLink’s solutions are available directly and from OEMs, authorized service partners and solutions providers globally. More information on the company can be found at www.miralink.com