MiraLink Introduces Industry's First Data Rate Management Log To Evaluate and Determine Disaster Recovery Needs

Tool Allows Windows Administrators to Examine Data Rate Risk and Availability Quickly and Affordably

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 17, 2006)

MiraLink Corporation, the proven expert in remote disaster recovery solutions, today introduced the Data Rate Management Log (DRML) to provide Windows administrators with an easy-to-use and affordable tool to accurately determine the exact rate of data change on a server. By utilizing this useful information network administrators can determine the exact amount of data they have at risk, estimate the amount of bandwidth required to provide a real time remote mirror, as well as determine the appropriate load on a shared storage array. This enables network administrators to provide more granular estimates of data at risk, appropriately utilize available bandwidth, and optimize performance and throughput on new storage arrays and SANS.

Priced at under $100, the DRML is an affordable and lightweight Windows device that allows administrators to universally monitor drive usage and provide information about the system's data change rate including how much new data is available, how much data is at risk and the number of servers connected via iSCSI or fiber channel.

"We've removed the guess work for evaluating data risk and availability with the introduction of the DRML. There is no other tool in the market that can accurately measure server data rate change," said Ron McCabe, president and CEO of MiraLink Corporation. "With this tool administrators can determine disaster recovery storage needs quickly and make smart storage decisions to ensure business continuity."

By leveraging the DRML, administrators can collect data change information from a Windows server monitoring server load, determine how many servers can be connected to a fiber array without impacting SAN performance as well as how many writes a new application is creating on a server. Understanding data change rate is critical in determining whether a disaster recovery solution is necessary and which vendor solution is most appropriate for businesses. Data rate change can also be a determining factor of the network bandwidth required to support a real-time disaster recovery solution, and used to determine server load, the number of servers that can be connected to a fiber array without impacting SAN performance, and how many writes a new application is creating on a server. After a week of collecting data, IT administrators can review results in the graphs and statistics which will them to assess which vendor disaster recovery solution will best suit their business needs.

The DRML enables network administrators to identify what the daily and average data rate change is per server without adding artificial writes and performance decreases associated with Windows performance monitor. It also allows administrators to properly determine the actual data change that is at risk on each server. The DRML can also be used to size either iSCSI or fiber channel SANS by allowing administrators to accurately determine throughput on proposed arrays. Enabling administrators to make good implementation decisions based on real granular data, the log resolves the problem that administrators have when determining the performance implications of placing a number of servers on the same storage volume.

Pricing and Availability

MiraLink's Data Rate Management Log is available today for $100 and will work within any network environment. By purchasing a DRML, businesses will receive a credit towards a MiraLink appliance, which range from SMB to enterprise solutions. Solutions are available directly and from authorized service partners and solutions providers globally.

About MiraLink Corporation

MiraLink Corporation is the proven expert in delivering remote disaster recovery solutions. MiraLink's enterprise-class suite of appliances are built upon the company's Data Mirroring Engine ™ allowing organizations to make an exact, real-time copy of their essential data anywhere in the world. As a result, businesses easily increase data integrity, reliability, availability and protection of business critical data cost-effectively — ensuring business continuity and adhering to compliance standards. MiraLink's solutions are available directly and from OEMs, authorized service partners and solutions providers globally. More information on the company can be found at www.miralink.com.

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