Remote Data Replication

MiraLink's patented and patent pending IntelliBuffer technology is the embedded software engine that delivers the protection benefits of synchronous mirroring at asynchronous mirroring prices. The IntelliBuffer writes data synchronously (First In First Out) and transfers data asynchronously while preserving data state consistency during and after transmission. This method of transfer delivers a very high level of data integrity and recoverability. The IntelliBuffer is included in all MiraLink replication appliances to provide businesses with a highly reliable and affordable real-time mirror of critical information at a remote location accessible using standard Internet connections. The MiraLink solutions are categorized as SAN/network-based replication appliances that deliver the protection benefits and functionality of synchronous mirroring at host-based replication prices. Unlike traditional replication technologies that require software agents and drivers on the hosts, the IntelliBuffer offloads those requirements and delivers continuous replication at the network-level.

In addition, traditional remote synchronous replication solutions require a dedicated, high-bandwidth, high-availability circuit for reliable transmission of data changes to the alternate site, since they must size the bandwidth to meet peak demand. Traffic peaks occur when data transmission throughput exceeds the normal usage pattern, usually consuming all available bandwidth.

The IntelliBuffer effectively flattens the data traffic peaks, making possible the use of lower-bandwidth circuits. Equally important, the intelligent buffer – coupled with its ability to route data via the industry-standard TCP/IP – also makes possible the use of shared bandwidth links such as the Internet. These features create an enormous reduction of recurring data communications costs.

Utilizing IntelliBuffer technology, the MiraLink solutions deliver uncompromised data integrity during any replication activity, ensuring the write order of all data. With staging areas on both the primary and remote appliances, it ensures the data is in a usable state at all times. This state consistency design creates a high recovery rate of database transactions that provides an up to the minute copy of active databases. Instead of a once a day copy, the MiraLink IntelliBuffer provides a last transaction copy for customers who need minimal downtime for the 24/7 operations.

The data replication solutions delivered by MiraLink deliver the following unique combination of attributes:

  • Affordable to implement and maintain
  • Behave as natural extensions of disk volumes
  • Encompass disk arrays and JBOD from different suppliers
  • Stretch over indefinitely long distances
  • Run over common Internet Protocol (IP) WANs and LANs without conversion
  • Can operate directly over campus and extended SANs (metropolitan area networks)
  • Offload replication activities from hosts
  • Requires no host agents or additional software on the servers or storage assets
  • Deploys in a variety of configurations
  • Easy to install, manage, and support
  • Works in existing environments, non-invasive
  • Ideal for structured (database) and semi-structured (email) applications
  • Focused on recovery, not just making copies