How It Works

MiraLink’s products install like a simple disk drive and/or volume and are directly connected to a server or mounted on a Storage Area Network (SAN). This allows any system administrator who can manage a disk drive and is able to set an Ethernet address to manage the product. The patented and patent-pending IntelliBuffer, which is described in more detail below, manages how information is received on the device and is then transported to any remote location.

The graphic below illustrates the most basic installation of all MiraLink products. On the left, information is written from the customer server to the “Source”. The “Source” stores this information in the IntelliBuffer until the transmission to the “Destination” is performed. The information is sent from the “Source” to the “Destination” over a standard network interface in the exact order it was written to the “Source”. This unique series of steps ensures that in the event of business disruption, a fast, complete and highly reliable recovery of mission-critical data. The end result of this data recovery is asynchronous remote mirroring.

Source Device                                                  Destination Device

The heart of this reliable solution is the IntelliBuffer™ software. The IntelliBuffer intelligently manages how information is handled and written to the remote location. MiraLink’s devices work together in lockstep through the IntelliBuffer to insure that:

  1. Information is successfully written to the remote location and
  2. This information is written in the exact order and way that it was written to the local drive and/or volume.

This ensures the information on the “Destination” is in usable form at all times. The techniques required to achieve this drive the value in the company’s solutions. MiraLink’s solutions successfully write information in a way that software applications, databases and operating systems expect to see it when they are required to recover after a disruption.

This unique capability is where MiraLink’s award-winning system shines when compared to other solutions. Through unfortunate experiences, businesses have discovered that the skill in remote data replication is not getting information to a remote location, it’s getting it back. It is the uncompromised ability to retrieve all data effortlessly, consistently and successfully, in the event of a disruption that is the core value proposition of MiraLink’s solutions.