"The MiraLink 400 worked as advertised. The appliance is remarkably easy to install and use."
John Green, Reviews Editor, SQL Server Magazine, September 2006

"In 2006, our federal agency experienced a tremendous data loss due to flooding in our office. MiraLink’s system restored our mission-critical data so quickly that many of our employees never realized we had a problem."
Large Federal U.S. Government Agency, Washington, D.C.


MiraLink’s IntelliBuffer™ data mirroring software ensures fast, reliable data access and cost-effective disaster recovery of your most critical information. IntelliBuffer, the core of the MiraLink system, preserves the write-sequence after transferring information to the disaster recovery appliance, without software agents or data optimization. It also performs a two-phase commit between the remote and local appliance to verify that the data write is correct. MiraLink’s IntelliBuffer software ensures ongoing business continuity while providing the highest level of expert data recovery.

MiraLink’s Solutions with IntelliBuffer Software Provides:

  • High Reliability and Low Total Cost of Ownership – MiraLink’s technology was expertly engineered, tested and field-proven prior to market availability to become a robust, reliable, out-of-box, and cost-effective disaster recovery solution.
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Restore – MiraLink’s solutions can be installed with limited technical knowledge and skills. No special training or classes are required to get your new system up and running.
  • Seamless Integration with No Downtime - The MiraLink system can be added into any environment without disrupting existing systems or affecting network or server performance.
  • Instant Connectivity - MiraLink works over existing TCP/IP connections, using the IntelliBuffer’s ability to hold mirrored data blocks in a write-sequence. Data blocks are transferred later when bandwidth is available. Users do not need dedicated T1 access, new connectivity, hardware or software products to utilize their MiraLink system.
  • No Compatibility or Configuration Issues – MiraLink’s product appears as a disk volume to host servers and Storage Attached Networking (SAN) volumes. It is compatible with all standard operating systems, hardware and software and appears transparent to the user’s system, creating no compatibility issues and requiring no special configuration.
  • Expert Recovery – Data recovery can happen within minutes of a network or system failure since the IntelliBuffer utilizes no data optimization or software agents. No additional training or specialized technical support is needed to use our data recovery appliance.

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